Teaching Philosophy

As an art educator I believe that art has an unique function in our society. It functions as a communication tool, expressing the values and beliefs of the people.  Art has a unique role, bridging social content and an individual’s own personal expression.  The creation of art is an intrinsically human quality practiced around the globe and in every culture. Art can be a tool to analyze and explore the complex world, and to better understand our place in it. The role of art teacher is complex and privileged, helping students express and develop views, ideas and beliefs. 


As a teacher I will provide students with knowledge and tools to express themselves and to become creative, concerned thinkers, able to view and interpret their world from multiple points of view.  My art curriculum focuses on exploring self, community and global issues as they reflect contemporary society, politics, economics, environment and spirituality.  Art has the capacity to bring all this information, facts, truths and principles together to develop students’ awareness and understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Through critical art education practices students will develop their potential as effective and able communicators in a contemporary conflicting world of visual media proliferation, and ideological representation.


In my teaching I use techniques that build a student’s confidence in their own abilities, promoting open discussion on historical and social issues. Through the use of art history, aesthetics, art making and cultural issues my classes become a place to facilitate a safe environment for open discussion on complex issues that students are aware of and concerned about and maybe otherwise anxious about expressing


In my classes I assess students on individual effort and progress as well as by objective tests and writing skill assessments. Through maintaining sketchbooks, journals and a portfolio of their work I am able to evaluate each individual’s progress in the class. I also use traditional methods of assessment—testing, using standard essays, and quizzes to evaluate their ability to formulate ideas and knowledge of principles and the historical references taught in the courses. 


 I believe that as educator I have to maintain balanced perspective of the educational organization, teachers as well as students. I have to help students to understand the world, but also have to understand and learn about my students. Further, I constantly learn and re-evaluate my teaching with respect to the changing values of our culture and society, the changing needs of my students, and continue to strive to integrate these with the basic principles of high quality art education. 

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