CGI Abstract Compositions

This is series of images, exploring the potential of a simple design elements to become complex images through various digital manipulation and processes. These studies explore the potential of digital tools to generatively create abstract compositions, starting from simple shape to complex objects. In my work I am often interested  in the potential of specific media to expressively generate content based on its unique abilities and tools. Just as modernist painters were able to use paint in its pure form to expressively create nonrepresentational pairings, digital media has its own unique esthetics and ability to create composition without reference to specific object or subject. In this work I am starting with no particular image, creating all the forms purely by applying and modifying the elements I can create in the computer environment.  The final images reflect process oriented approach, and by repetition and variation to this process with open ended outcomes. The final images are result of process that uses the computer as a tool, means, subject, object and inspiration.  


TV-machina is a series of installation works, representing our fascination with media and technology, capturing our attention, extending our reach, self reflection and replacement through substitution. By using traditional TV sets, opening them up, re-wiring them to create different use for the passive monitors, I am creating anamorphic objects with their own identity.


Dimensions: Variable

Materials: TV, single channel video, plywood, steel.

Rapid Fire

Match drawings  use the concept of rapid fire - very fast spread of harmful agent, be it bullets, flames, virus or ideas. In this work I have express the speed of rapid spread from one point through large system, to the point of total alienation and destruction. Using safety matches to made large maps of various concepts such as spread of virus in Africa or drawing portraits ideologist like Lenin that changed the course of history these drawings are active with the potential of destruction by one single stroke of match.


Ghost of Vitruvius

Ghost of Vitruvius is sculptural work and installation that takes the artist physical attributes and places them inside of his work. Usually the artist is not physically present in his or her work. The hand of artist is indirectly present, this piece wants to place the artist in its center and uses his body as subject. In its most simples form it is abstract self portrait. 


Open Platform

Open Platform is an installation work using standard architectural layout of a residential house. Open Platform is a metaphor  that displays  our individual space and bodies open to public view. Individual can enter the open platform and see only the space they are in, the screen blocks their view. How ever, the space of the open platform is exposed for the public to see all the movement of the individual.



Circular is digitally generated image portfolio  using variety of commercial software applications to create digitally composite images.I am fascinated with digital technology ability to analyze number of sequential images for identical data points and using those create seamless composite. As a tool it provides function that would be difficult  for human or traditional camera easy and effectively.  With these images I like to explore the potential  of this technology to create images that can be created only through the means of breaking abd recomposing individual pixels to make alternate reality. Using number of individual images and compositing them together with digital tools we can create alternative view, one we are not able to see and experience without the help of digital tools.  Digital composition software is able to analyze images creating bit maps that can be stitched and recomposed creating surprising perspective.



Media: Digitally processed images, inkjet prints.

Dimensions: 20"x20"



Hello World!

Welcome to my new site.

I am very excited to have my new site up. The last site was build with flash and was not updated in a year. This new site is build in Joomla so it could be updated easily. It has some of the old content in a new layout and I will be updating and adding new content more frequently. I am excited to share new work and links to my classes and blog. If you have questions about any of my work or comments I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you think or what you think could be improved.
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The multiple exposure in these images allowed me to create the illusions of my self interacting with my self. Using pinhole camera I was able to stage and pose my self for several minutes to take an exposure and repeat this process again, thus creating multiples of my self in one image. The work has overall melodramatic feeling representing the theatrical character of the images, playing varies roles, engaging in intro-personal game with my self. 

Using pinhole camera is a great tool to explore early photographic technology creating multiple images. Even though digital technology is able to make the process easier,  the process using this "early" technology was important getting the archaic feeling. For me technology is a tool to make expressive work be it the newest digital tool or its predecessor, pinhole camera. 

Dimensions and Media: Variable; from 12"X12" printed as Gum dichromate print on watercolor paper 
 36"x36" printed on traditional albumen coated paper and 24"x24" as digital print.  

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