Black Rock Observatory

I have been working on this image last year, but finally got to put it on my blog. It is a digital collage of images taken at the Observatory installation at Black Rock City Burning Man 2015. 

Tied-arch Bridge

Ever since I moved to Portland, I have been fascinated with the local bridges. Immediately they bring memories of the bridges over Moldau in Prague, where I had spent my early years. Bridges are like rivers extending the flow of human traffic over the waters bellow. In these images the bridges fold on them self, creating knot-like structures.  


The archives include old websites or content that is mostly outdated. I am including it in here more from nostalgic reasons as it was part of my growing and learning experiences. 


Folding Space

Folding space is an exploration of process by taking an image with a strong graphic design element and applying repeating formula to digitally manipulating the image. The effect is same as when creating fractal design; growing and repeating a pattern. These images are based on photograph but they are abstract presentation of the process and digital manipulation.


For more images from visit the Fractal portfolio.


Fractal images fascinate me as a way to create design pattern by applying and repeating a formula. It is like organically growing structure reminiscent of natural organisms such as trees with roots, trunk, branches, and leaves from basic design element, to complex unique structures. It is possible to clone these structures but also endlessly modify the growth, creating infinite patterns. 

Red Butte Rocks

The landscape of Red Butte has always been inspiration for me. The contrast of its rusty red ground and rocks with all shades of green create stunning visual contrast. The textures of rocks and grasses complement and blend with each other. It is one of my most favorite landscapes to photograph and use to create composite images of. This image is one of the few that I have been able to completely close all the gaps in the ground to create closed circular landscape. I am also pleased with the light effect and contrast between the highlights and shadow areas in the image. 

Martin Bio

I am photographer and intermedia artist. My work expands between digital photography and intermedia installation. In my work I am interested in the intersection of arts and technology, combining traditional and new media.


My most recent work in photography focuses on work with digital media, expanding on the use of more traditional, analog based work. The tools I use in my work force and inform my esthetics. My images are partially a result of the devices I use in creating them.  I started taking photographs with analog camera and developing film, later I was fascinated with pinhole photography and hand coating paper with chemicals to create truly one of a kind images, recently I begun to explore digital tools in generating digitally manipulated images. 


My work is informed by many components, both conscious and subconscious. The conscious components that I see in my work are the type of tools I use and the technique I employ to achieve the desired effect.  With digital tools I can manipulate the landscape to create a distinct point of view using digital hardware and software. There are also unconscious decisions that show up in my work that I may not immediately recognize and effect. They will become obvious as I step back and look with some space on the body of work. My subject matter often changes based on interests related to my personal circumstance.  Early I was interested in figurative work and self-portrait, followed by constructed, somewhat mechanical installation. Recently I have found interest in landscape imagery.  My work allows me to explore new life situations and learn from them. As an immigrant I am constantly moving and relocating, photographing landscape allows me to connect with a specific place through careful observation and forging my intimate view of it. 


In my circular landscape photographs I am manipulating succession of images to create intimate, unified view of a scene. In my opinion they are like worlds on to them selves, secluded and removed floating in space.  They are mapped collection of individual images that have been digitally stitched and merged together and then manipulated to create distinct point of view often from angle that is impossible though traditional methods. It is unrealistic to look and see landscape in this way, but in the digital world we can view our environment though ways we would not see by any other means. 

Over and Under

I have revisited images I took last February to create a new composite. Having the distance from when the images were taken to when I completed the work helped reimagine a different point of view on the scene, creating dynamic composition and  adding new landscape to my collection of circular images. 

The title of this image is Over and Under, expressing the landscape visually turning on it self, inverting and drawing the view inwards and outwards at the same time. 

Burning Man 2013

Burning Man 2013

This was my first time participating in Burning Man (festival, gathering or what ever I may call it will just be inadequate description). It was an amazing experience with a great impact on my appreciation of what it means to have connection with a place and people. The environment of BM is booth rough and embracing i both extremes.  Its harsh environment makes you appreciate everyones effort to create space where you can express your self in any way you like and everyone will support your own expression. Come as you are, express your self and leave for ever changed.  


Highway Overpass

Continuing  exploration of digital landscape composition I am pushing some ideas and my work further in direction of surreal digital composition and manipulation. Digital images have the great advantage of becoming surreal representation of our imagination. When I start working on particular composition, I have some idea what the image should become. The more time I spent composing and playing with the image my imagination takes over and drives the image in its own direction. One side of me really likes this aspect of work, letting imagination take over, and just enjoy the creative process. The other side is telling me I need to consider the image in the scope of all of my work. I have not passed my final verdict on this image yet, I am just enjoying the creativity and imagination it allows me. 

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